Friday, April 10, 2015

The Launch of A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes: Tyranny, Taxes, & Treason

I am thrilled to announce the release of Volume 2 of my series, A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes:  Tyranny, Taxes, & Treason.  From the book cover:

Sugar Act. Currency Act. Quartering Act. Stamp Act. Declaratory Act. Townshend Acts. Tea Act. Intolerable Acts. Great Britain just wanted what was fair: Money to support their efforts in helping the American colonies. The Founding Generation understood too that Great Britain wanted something: Control. Control over the colonies. Control over the colonists. Over time, the unheeded requests and petitions of the colonists to Great Britain over grievances produced a forceful backlash. No taxation without representation became the rallying cry for the colonists confronted by the British Tyrant. In the end, the day of reckoning came and propelled the ultimate division. If it was once considered treason to speak against the King of England, the separation made it treason to speak against America.

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