Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes Series is Finally Here!

Announcing the launch of the first volume of my latest series:  A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes:  God, Guns, & Government.  From the book cover:

"The Founding Generation changed the course of history not only for the thirteen American colonies but for the rest of the world. Americans who lived through the dangerous and unstable period of the American Revolution and the Early Republic were far from perfect but they were the perfect set of people to form a new nation founded on the principles of Liberty. Their words offer us insight to their perilous times and wisdom to live through our own period of terror. Thoroughly researched with mini biographies and an extensive bibliography for further pondering, A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes: God, Guns, & Government is first in a series of books exploring the ideas of America’s Founding Generation."

Purchase your copy on Amazon:

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