Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Home of General Lew Wallace

General Lew Wallace 


"I would rather write another book than be rich." - Lew Wallace.

Last weekend I visited the home of General Lew Wallace in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  Although the home was closed upon my arrival, I was able to walk around the building and take exterior photographs.  To be sure, Wallace's home is the true crown jewel of this town.  Surrounded by the natural beauty of tall trees and beautifully landscaped grounds, the red building with its unique dome-roof is a magnificent sight to behold.  
Front Gate
Brick Wall Fence around House

Interesting facts to note about Wallace:

In 1846, Wallace served in the Mexican-American War as a young soldier.  Later, he led his troops to military action as a Major General in the Union Army during the Civil War, notably at the battle of Shiloh.  


He is perhaps best remembered as the author of Ben-Hur:  A Tale of the Christ.  Published in 1880, Ben-Hur:  A Tale of Christ was produced as a feature film starring Charleston Heston in 1959 and received several awards.  


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