Monday, November 3, 2014

George Rogers Clark Memorial

George Rogers Clark

Recently, I made another excursion to Vincennes, Indiana to visit the memorial dedicated to Colonel George Rogers Clark.  Although not quite as extraordinary as his friend Thomas Jefferson's Memorial in Washington D.C., Clark's Memorial is simple but beautiful.  Surrounded by a small park, the monument reflects a sturdy presence in the area much as the man did for whom it was erected.  Nearby, the Wabash River flows calmly unlike the time when Clark crossed it with his men to capture Fort Sackville from the British during the Revolutionary War.  Overall, the Memorial provides an opportunity to reflect upon another time when a young frontiersman led a small band of men to attack the mightiest power in the world and in the process became the Conqueror of the Old Northwest.  

George Rogers Clark Memorial

George Rogers Clark Memorial Overlooking the Wabash River


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