Tuesday, January 14, 2014

America’s Economic Plight

The Index of Economic Freedom published as a partnership between The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal released a new report on its 20th Anniversary this week.  The 2014 report shows the list of the top 10 ranking countries thriving under economic freedom.  Hong Kong leads all the other nations in the world followed closely by Singapore.  Unfortunately, the United States is missing entirely from the top 10 lineup.

According to The Foundry, the United States ranked number 6 in 2008 as an economically free nation.  Essentially, Americans had the liberty to pursue their happiness without choking on overwhelming governmental regulations.  As of 2014, the United States ranking fell down to number 12.  The report is shocking on its own accord but what makes things worse is how legislators in Washington continue to ignore the obvious red flags that show our nation’s wavering economy.  Instead, these politicians continue to push their own political agendas at the expense of the country.

Consider for example the GOP leaders who are now hotly pursuing to “fix” the immigration system.  To be sure, they claim to support enforcing the nation’s borders but they also seek amnesty for over 11 million illegal aliens and an increase in immigrant workers.  Under the GOP led “piecemeal” approach, illegal aliens shall still gain amnesty to the further detriment of our nation’s economy. 

Indeed, instead of working on solutions that reduce the high unemployment rate and boosts the economy for Americans, these politicians want to bring in more people under the pretext of needing more workers for non-existent jobs.  If questioned, they either refuse or are unable to explain precisely how our unstable economy - where Americans are struggling to find and sustain employment - shall support and provide for all those who receive amnesty under such a law. 

All of this makes it even more essential for American taxpayers to question the motivations of such “leaders.”  The 2014 Index of Economic Freedom’s report provides a wakeup call for all of us.  We can either continue to look at politicians for our salvation or begin to hold them accountable for their horrible policies.   

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