Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lost American Values under Obamacare

"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." – President Ronald Reagan.

Obamacare supporters insist the law helps us but in reality, it shall control our lives.  Indeed, Obamacare is the latest instrument used to attack the core of America’s foundation.  Under Obamacare, America, a nation that once encouraged entrepreneurship, creativity, and a strong work ethic is steadfastly aligning itself with a government-sanctioned lifestyle for its people.  The law is already having dire consequences for Americans with hardly an end in sight. 

Chris Jacobs’s report for the Heritage Foundation emphasizes four categories in Obamacare that hurts American taxpayers.  According to Jacobs, “Obamacare undermines American values because it discourages work, penalizes marriage, places citizens at a disadvantage compared with non-citizens, and prioritizes coverage for able-bodied adults over services and support for the disabled.”  For example, Obamacare discourages work because individuals and families that make more money could “lose thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded subsidies.”  For many Americans struggling in a stagnant economy, the better alternative is to work less or remain unemployed.  Thus, Obamacare encourages people to work less and depend on the government for provisions more. 

Obamacare also penalizes married Americans.  For instance, low and moderate-income families are eligible for benefits “based on federal poverty level [FPL] guidelines” and since the FPL “is less than twice that for a single person”, married people are “at an inherent disadvantage.”  Furthermore, for higher income households, “the tax threshold for [married] couples is less than twice the threshold for single individuals.”  Obamacare negatively affects married couples the most when compared to unmarried people.  In this regard, the law encourages Americans to remain single instead of getting married.                 

Obamacare also has “special provisions that allow many legal, non-citizens to qualify for federally subsidized insurance.”  Hence, Obamacare gives them better coverage than what is available to American citizens.  Jacobs notes that some “American citizens of modest means will qualify for Medicaid or many may not receive health insurance at all.”  Moreover, by expanding Medicaid, Obamacare focuses more on offering coverage to “able-bodied adults than the disabled populations that Medicaid was originally intended to serve.”  The fate of disabled Americans who are unable to qualify for Medicaid or any other form of medical insurance is indeed troubling. 

By promoting programs that encourage (or force) people to rely more on the government, laws such as Obamacare, kill the American spirit.  Although government dependency may be unsurprising in our society today where getting “freebies” is not only acceptable but also encouraged, for those who still believe in the spirit of American exceptionalism, Obamacare presents a grave future for our nation.  When people begin to rely on government instead of their own abilities, the problems do not disappear but exacerbate.  Unfortunately, these problems are bound to arise again and the next time they do it shall be much worse for all of us.  Unless we actively remain engaged in a dialogue with our leaders and demand a complete recall of this unconstitutional law, the spirit of America that once promoted self-reliance shall soon become a distant memory.  Undoubtedly, under Obamacare, for the next generation of Americans, the change has already begun.

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