Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Piecemeal Approach to Immigration Reform

On Monday, Obama gave a speech in San Francisco where he indicated that House Speaker, John Boehner, was open to negotiating on immigration reform.  Apparently, Boehner is willing to discuss immigration reform with one caveat:  he shall not go to conference over the comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the Senate earlier this year.  Instead, Boehner and some House Republicans favor a piecemeal approach towards immigration reform.

The piecemeal approach shall allow Republicans to discuss the various issues that were part of the Senate Bill individually and vote only on those issues that benefit our nation.  At least, that is what they want Americans to believe.  It is highly debatable if this approach shall bring different results than the comprehensive Senate Bill. 

Notably, Obama has already indicated that Republicans can use the piecemeal approach as long as a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens is part of the reform.  Similarly, Harry Reid, Luis Gutierrez, and Chuck Schumer have all stated previously that a pathway to citizenship must be a part of any final immigration reform.  Therefore, if pathway to citizenship is the ultimate goal for politicians, does it truly matter whether they reform our nation’s immigration laws in a piecemeal approach or sign off, as the Senate did, on a comprehensive bill destined to change the future of our country?  Boehner wants us to believe that the piecemeal approach is better but if the Democrats are unwilling to consider anything less than pathway to citizenship, does the piecemeal approach truly work for America? 

Lest we get too excited that politicians are finally working for us, it would behoove us to remember the tragedy of another “reform” pushed on American taxpayers.  Obamacare has led to massive losses in health insurance and jobs for Americans throughout the nation.  The unfolding of Obamacare has brought forth disastrous consequences for struggling Americans and the damage is hardly over.  The results of the Obamacare fiasco are in front of us and we should take a moment to think about whether our nation can handle yet another law, justified as reform, which shall change the dynamics of our nation forever.

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