Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Border Patrol Agents: Our First Line of Defense

As progressive politicians in Washington debate and discuss “comprehensive immigration reform” with a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, American border patrol agents continue to place their lives in harm’s way to protect our borders.   Despite the assurances of politicians that our borders are practically militarized, the ongoing murders of border patrol agents and the latest information on drug trafficking present a different story.  Yet, for politicians and their elite friends, amnesty for illegal aliens with pathway to citizenship remains the top priority for reforming the broken immigration system.

The idea that comprehensive reform is the right answer for our nation’s immigration system bears serious consideration.  After all, have we learned anything from Obamacare about what can happen when politicians make back room deals in the name of comprehensive reform?  The law was supposed to provide affordable healthcare for everyone and help improve the economy.  Unfortunately, each day brings a new set of problems with Obamacare.  Whether these issues shall ever be resolved is anyone’s guess.  The important question is that if our healthcare system was in desperate need of reform, why did the legislators not work on only those areas of the healthcare system that actually needed the reform?  Did we truly need an overhaul of the entire system? 

Similarly, does our immigration system need a comprehensive reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens?  Why does our government not focus on providing our border patrol agents with adequate equipment, protection, and assistance to secure our borders?  Why is it more urgent for the government to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that rewards lawbreakers instead?  More important, how can the government claim that the immigration system does not work when they hardly enforce existing laws?  Why should any tax paying American have faith in an overgrown government that has repeatedly proven that it cannot be trusted?    

If politicians are truly interested in reforming the current immigration system, they should begin with securing our borders.  To make this happen, they should enable border patrol agents with the necessary and proper support that is required.  If the focus of immigration reform remains on amnesty and pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens instead of securing our borders, a lack of border protection shall be the least of our problems.     

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