Thursday, September 26, 2013

Standing Tall

Even before Senator Ted Cruz (TX) began his historical filibuster on the Senate floor debating Obamacare, critics appeared in droves to point out that he was fighting a losing battle.  The criticism did not only come from the mainstream media and the Democrats but also from the GOP.  One thing was certain, after remaining on his feet for over 20 hours (21 hours and 19 minutes to be exact), unbeknownst to his critics, Cruz had made a decisive victory.

New York Times (NYT) targeted Cruz by stating that he was nothing more than the “public face of the aimless and self-destructive Tea Party.”  Indeed, according to the NYT, Cruz’s stand was a show to gain “accolades” from the “Tea Party’s misguided faithful.”   NYT further blamed Cruz of projecting “nastiness” towards those in Washington.  Of course, we should all listen to the characterization of Cruz by a newspaper that prior to WWII claimed that Hitler was a “wiser man” and had convinced authorities that he was harmless.  

Fast on the heels of NYT was none other than Senator John McCain (AZ) who demanded that Cruz (and Americans) should “respect the outcome of the elections, which reflects the will of the people.”  McCain failed to mention that many Americans who voted for Obama in 2012 are now regretting their decision of supporting Obamacare.  For example, during the filibuster, Cruz read excerpts from a letter written by a major Obamacare supporter and union leader of International Brotherhood of Teamsters, James P. Hoffa.  The letter mentioned that even Hoffa and his friends admitted there were considerable problems with Obamacare that shall hurt middle class Americans.

Yet, none of this stopped Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, to put in an appearance on late Wednesday morning to tell Cruz that standing up for Americans was a “waste of time.”  Furthermore, Reid refused to acknowledge Cruz’s stand as a proper filibuster.  When Cruz asked for an open vote to allow both Republicans and Democrats to offer amendments to the bill, Reid dismissed the offer.  For all his concern for the average Americans, Reid’s unwillingness to accept Cruz’s offer to have an open vote on defunding Obamacare is most curious.   

To be sure, the mainstream media and career politicians have worked hard to make a mockery out of Cruz’s filibuster. Unfortunately, for them, in their haste to present a distorted image of Cruz, they failed to notice that Americans were also watching the proceedings.  Cruz made history this week by holding one of the longest filibusters in American history.  He displaced Senators William Proxmire (18 hours, 23 minutes: 1908) and Robert LaFollette Sr. (16 hours, 12 minutes: 1981) from their respective positions and attained the number 4 position in the historical lineup of recorded filibusters. 

Cruz did not stand for ideology, power, or show but for the American people.  He stood for the Constitution and our founding principles.  He stood for the American Dream.  He stood for an exceptional America.  Whether or not Reid and his colleagues call it a filibuster, the image of Cruz standing tall for America shall remain etched in the hearts and minds of Americans forever.


  1. Cruz did what all the republicans should have done, stand for the voters rights. They were elected with repeal of obamacare as their platform, showing that now they are no better than democrats in going back on their word. True this was not an exception in politics, but this defunding or repeal was one of the most significant in importance. It's easy to see the party support now splintered and infighting is commonplace.

  2. Hi Jim,

    You are right. What this entire process has shown me (& all that comes out of Washington for that matter) is that those running the country (whether Republican or Democrat) are merely power hungry politicians-incapable of representing the hard working American taxpayers.

    Thank you for reading and for your feedback!