Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It’s Lonely on Top

Recently, actor Hugh Jackman stated that he felt sorry for Obama.  Jackman thought Obama was “lonely” and probably went “to bed alone thinking about the weight and burden” of the crisis in Syria.  Obama’s recent difficulties may arise from a lack of having a strong foreign policy when dealing with Syria but the troubles Americans must confront every day, under his leadership, are boundless.

Consider for example, millions of Americans who are (and have been) out of work for much of Obama’s presidency.  In 2007, the unemployment rate stood between 4.4 - 5.0 percent.  Today, the unemployment rate in America is stuck at 7.3 percent.  If we factor the labor force participation rate (LPR) with the current unemployment rate, the figure jumps up even more.  (I have written on LPR previously and you can read about it here). 

Additionally, under Obamacare, more Americans are losing their jobs.  Even for those who have jobs, many must transition from full time to part time status, which means less pay for workers.  Precisely how are Americans supposed to support their families?  Obama does not answer this question but continues to claim that Obamacare is best for America.

Furthermore, the United States Military also suffers under Obama’s leadership.  Under the guise of “budget restraints,” Obama has planned to shrink the US Military.  How gutting our military secures our nation is a great question especially under the present circumstances with Syria that may lead to troubles for America in the near future. 

After the unfortunate deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and the subsequent cover up that followed, how many military personnel feel secure about their lives under his authority?  What must go through the minds of men and women who must follow his command?  Do the families of those Americans who lost their lives and those Americans who put their lives on the line for our freedom also feel burdened? 

To be sure, Obama claims America is better off today than ever before but diminishing jobs, lack of national security, and Americans suffering from heartbreak over lost loved ones all show a different reality.  As with Jackman, I too feel sorry for Obama.  I feel sorry that Obama is incapable of leading our great nation.  More than anything else, I feel sorry for the millions of Americans who are jobless and need to find ways to support their families.  I feel sorry for the men and women who must protect us at the risk of their own lives under the command of a leader who could not care less.  Yes, I feel sorry for my country, once the greatest nation in the world, duped by the big rhetoric of an inordinately small man.  

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