Friday, August 23, 2013

True Immigration Reform

As an immigrant to America myself, I am in favor of legal immigration to our country but draw the line with illegal aliens.  We have to recognize that people enter our country for different reasons.  Many illegal immigrants come here to destroy our nation whether it is by becoming a burden to society financially or by attacking America by acts of terrorism. To suggest that all illegal immigrants are hard working, decent individuals who want to embrace America’s history and traditions is to present only the most favorable side of the issue.  Unfortunately, beneath the screams of equality for everyone coming from pro-amnesty groups, it becomes easy to forget that illegal immigrants are here by breaking the law.
To be sure, our federal government has done a horrific job of enforcing laws to protect our borders.  It is true also that we need to reform our immigration system.  Yet, is giving amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants in the country today the right answer?  The government seems to think so.  Indeed, the Immigration Reform Bill (S744) that passed the Senate in June would ensure amnesty for not only the 11million illegal aliens today (a jump from the 3.2 million in 1986) but also to any illegal aliens who come to our nation in the future. Although, there were suggestions to enforce “new” laws to protect the nation’s borders, S744 gave all the power to implement them to the Department of Homeland Security – an unconstitutional bureaucracy created by the federal government.  If our elected officials were truly interested in securing the nation’s borders, they should first implement the laws already in place completely instead of creating more regulations and giving more power to the federal government.
Furthermore, instead of demanding amnesty for the illegal aliens, our leaders need to end the welfare system that draws many illegal immigrants to our country in the first place.  A study done by the Center for Immigration Studies states, that in 2009, 71 percent of illegal immigrant households with children used at least one welfare program.  Moreover, a low-income household with at least one illegal immigrant was more likely to qualify for Food Stamps compared to a similarly low-income household where all family members were citizens.  Yet, instead of eliminating a source that pulls lawbreakers into our nation, the federal government wants to reward them for their actions by offering them access to welfare programs paid for by the American taxpayers.   
The right to vote is a privilege that is dear to American citizens. Most legal immigrants who come to our country follow our laws to get here and work methodically to become naturalized citizens.  Some of them have waited up to 15 years to come to America, meanwhile, 11 million illegal aliens are already here and partaking of our nation's opportunities and benefits.  Shocking as it may seem, legal immigrants make sacrifices to get here too but pro-amnesty supporters often conveniently forget this fact.  For all the noise about giving amnesty to illegal aliens to keep families together, what about the families of legal immigrants who are left behind?  Are we to believe that legal immigrants are incapable of missing their families and friends? 
To be sure, some illegal aliens work hard but legal immigrants are hard working people too.  Do they not contribute to our society as well?  Do they not bleed?  Do they not cry?  Do they not have dreams, ambitions, and hopes for a better future for themselves and their children?  Unfortunately, when it comes to immigration reform, legal immigrants make a poor political statement for the power hungry peddling politicians; therefore, their stories often remain untold.  
Additionally, at a time when 7.4 percent of Americans are unemployed, do we really need to give a blanket amnesty and pathway to citizenship to illegal aliens? Should the focus of our government be on serving illegal aliens or Americans? Should it be on allowing our stale economy to grow? When jobs are scarce, how is adding an influx of people to our country going to improve the nation's economy? S744 states illegal aliens would improve the economy by creating jobs for Americans.  Many illegal immigrants are low skilled workers, thereby; the idea that they would "create" jobs to grow the economy seems preposterous. The Senate bill also states that increasing immigration of high tech people would help the economy grow.  Yet, what would such an increase mean for high tech college graduates and Americans who are out of work?  The government is demanding too much from Americans who are already struggling. Jobs are scare or unstable, Obamacare looms above all and we are incapable of sustaining any more grand governmental schemes, especially those promoted under the guise of “reform.”    
If we are a land of immigrants, we are also a land of laws. Illegal immigrants have disregarded our laws and that should mean something to every American.  Not only is it our civic duty to protect our country for ourselves but also to ensure such protection for the next generation of Americans.  For if we are unwilling to defend our country and respect our laws, how can we expect others in the world to do so?  If our government refuses to enforce the laws by securing our borders then we must demand they do so.  If our government insists on giving amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to illegal invaders then we must hold our leaders accountable and deny them the privilege.  After all, how many other nations would gladly welcome illegal immigrants into their mix?  How many countries would provide for them often at the expense of their own citizenry?   How fair is it for our government to demand that we pay for these privileges for those who have no respect for our laws? 

If we are unwilling to tolerate an abusive relationship, why would we gladly tolerate a parasitic one?  Why should it be upon the American taxpayers to foot the bill for those who have chosen to come here illegally and live on subsistence provided by our tax dollars?  Lest we forget, it is the Americans who carry the load of not only providing for their own families but also supplying the demands of others, including, illegal aliens.  How much longer before the back of Americans finally breaks under the massive burden placed upon it by our government.
The Founders and Framers of this nation produced something wonderful.   They did so because they had the foresight to look beyond their years. They saw this moment in time and prepared for it---for us. Should we not try to do the same for our children?  The current immigration reform touted by many of our leaders gives too much power to the federal government.  It favors the demands of interest groups and yes, gives amnesty to illegal aliens. The people this reform affects most are the taxpaying Americans who will have to endure the brunt of this oppression that will inevitably follow the loss of our liberty. 

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  1. It is extremely important for Americans to call their Senators and Representatives in Washington (1-866-220-0044) to tell them to vote NO on any and all Amnesty Bills for illegal aliens. The future of our country is at stake. Breaking the law should not be rewarded with citizenship and voting rights, welfare and social security benefits, etc. Our country is broke, there are no jobs for citizens, and the Americans who do have jobs will not be able to provide for their families and the MILLIONS of illegals given amnesty. They are rushing over the unsecured borders now. Just wait until they are offered legal status. We will become a Third World Nation with no future for our children and grandchildren. Do your part: call your Senators and Representatives today. Save the United States of America for Americans!