Saturday, August 17, 2013

Marco Rubio at It Again

Just when you thought Senator Marco Rubio had spoken his last on amnesty for illegal aliens, he arrived to shake things up again this week.  Rubio became the face of the GOP’s comprehensive Senate immigration bill (S744) earlier this year.  With the successful passage of S744 from the Senate in June, Rubio disappeared from the radar (at least on the issue of amnesty).  Yet, he reappeared this week to warn Americans that a comprehensive immigration “reform” bill must pass immediately lest Obama decides to use his executive order and give blanket amnesty to illegal aliens.

Rubio (and his compatriots) continues to suggest that the majority of Americans agree that there is a labor shortage in the US.  It is unclear which poll Rubio quotes in his speeches, but according to a poll conducted by Pulse Opinion Research for NumbersUSA on August 8, nearly 70% of voters chose the answer that ‘adding more immigrant workers would increase job competition for unemployed Americans, making it harder for them to find jobs.’”  What is evident from Rubio’s claims is that he still supports a comprehensive immigration plan that includes amnesty for illegal aliens.  It is also obvious that concern for the economy and well-being of Americans is the last thing on Rubio’s mind.

When Rubio became mum on the subject of amnesty during the month of July, one felt that he might be mulling over his indiscretion (and political future).  His stand against Obamacare recently offered some reprieve.  Alas!  The resurgence of his push for amnesty for illegal aliens has wiped any doubt from the minds of many Americans who had earlier remained confused about his position on amnesty.  Rubio may possess the looks and charm that may draw the initial attention of many but in the end, sadly, he remains yet another peddling politician. 

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  1. I don't know what to think of Rubio or Christie or any of today's Republicans.

    That's why I support Ron Burgundy for President in 2016

    Ron Burgundy will clean up Washington D. C.