Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Shadow Conspiracy

Indiana’s US Representative, Todd Young, spoke on the Immigration Reform Bill this week on the Garrison Radio Show.  Young mentioned that the House would not pass the Senate’s Immigration Reform Bill (S744) but work on the issues listed in S744 methodically.  He said everything one expects from an elected representative of the People---well almost everything.  It was towards the end of the discussion that Young blurted out the magical word that is the strongest indicator (to me at least) that he, as many of his counterparts in Washington, remain clueless about illegal aliens in our nation.  What was the magical word you ask?  The one word used by virtually all those who support S744:  Shadows.  Indeed, Young, following in the steps of the Gang of 8 and now Representative Paul Ryan amongst others, wants to give illegal aliens the opportunity to come out of the “shadows.”

Frankly, politicians who claim that illegal aliens are hiding in the “shadows” are either hopelessly ignorant or shameless propagandists.  If we are to believe that over 11 million illegal aliens in our country are living in the shadows (and many of them have done so for years) then how do these politicians explain the following:

Illegal aliens in public schools throughout our nation.

Illegal aliens working in the US and making money without paying taxes.

Illegal aliens receiving medicine and hospitalization.

Illegal aliens receiving welfare benefits. 

Not only are the illegal aliens not in the shadows but they are living amongst us and often receiving benefits that we pay for without contributing their “fair share.”

Senator Marco Rubio has stated vehemently that we need to do something about immigration because if we do not, the illegal aliens will have de-facto amnesty.  At the same time, he has also argued that we need to do something about immigration to allow illegal aliens to come out of the shadows.  Rubio’s position hardly makes much sense because if illegal aliens are in the shadows, how can they also have de-facto amnesty?  Moreover, if they already have de-facto amnesty, then why are we jumping through hoops to pass a comprehensive law to “help” them come out of the shadows?  Yet, these questions remain unasked and if someone does bring them up, the peddling politicians are clever at giving vague answers to avoid backlash from the American taxpayers and those they hope will become future voters:  the illegal aliens.

Young is hardly the first (or the last) politician who has chosen to misunderstand the issue.  Politicians, who believe that lawbreakers are in the shadows and that American taxpayers (through no fault of their own) owe the lawbreakers something, are grossly misrepresenting facts.  At a time when 22 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed, why are politicians focusing on Immigration Reform?  The real tragedy is not what is supposedly happening to the illegal aliens but that which is happening to Americans by their own Government.  A Government for the People, by the People ought to work on securing the nation and improving the economy by reducing regulations on hard-working Americans before it even begins to think about helping those who have already shown a clear disregard and disrespect for our laws.  Yet, with our elected officials promoting the “shadow” conspiracy, we are unlikely to see any of them upholding the rule of law because to them the objective is not to secure liberty for the American taxpayers but to grasp advantages for the lawbreaking illegal aliens and themselves.  

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