Saturday, July 6, 2013

Empty Promises by Empty-Headed Politicians

I had the opportunity to meet with my State Representative this week to discuss, briefly, the Immigration Reform Bill, or as I call it the Amnesty Bill.  I stood in a line along with others waiting for my turn patiently.  A young man asked Congressman Rokita about border security.  Rokita’s response was to ask the young man, “How much border security will be enough?”  When the young man tried to explain himself, Rokita bombarded him, repeatedly, with the same question.  To give Rokita the benefit of doubt, I thought perhaps he wanted to know how Americans felt about border security so that he could take our message back to Washington.  After observing his interaction with the young man, I became convinced that I was watching a politician at work instead. The young man looked at me nervously and I decided to ask the Congressman my own questions.

I began by asking Rokita if he had read the Amnesty Bill.  His response, unsurprisingly, was that “I do not have the time to read a 1200 page document.”  Indeed.  He may not have the time but it is still his job to do so.  He told me that he had “teams” who read the Bill for him and gave him the pertinent information about it.  Yet, his “teams” clearly forgot to tell him about passages from the Bill that provide illegal aliens with many benefits at the expense of American taxpayers.  When I pointed this out, Rokita admitted to being unaware of some of the specific provisions I mentioned (such as the Dream Act and the establishment of a United States Citizen Foundation) that would help illegal aliens on their “pathway to citizenship.”  Rokita asked me to send him the information so he could “look at it.”  I suppose he never looked at it when I first sent him a breakdown of the bill almost 2 months ago.  Well, at least his “team” sent me the typical form letter response faithfully.

As to Rokita’s question, “How much border security will be enough?”  Considering that the Federal Government has skipped on its previous promises to secure the border, how could anyone reasonably answer that question?  Perhaps, if we already had the promised 700-mile fence up, we could determine the effectiveness of it and decide on how to proceed with the border security issue.    

The politicians, for their part, are clever indeed.  They realize how sensitive the border control issue is for Americans.  It is precisely why Corker and Hoeven (or their “teams”) quickly wrote up their Amendment to S744 and included (amongst other things) a passage promising Americans a 700-mile fence----again.  Here is a prime example that these politicians are quick to pass laws that affect America without even reading these “comprehensive” bills.  For if Corker and Hoeven had looked before leaping (or if their “teams” had done their job), they would have known that a 700 mile fence promise is already part of the current law. 

If our representatives are unable to find the time to read bills that have the power to change America’s future, why are we presenting such comprehensive bills in the first place?  Why the mad rush to push these bills through and make them into law?  My father always said, “Read everything before you sign it.”  Apparently, the politicians missed that lesson in life.  What America needs now to reduce illegal immigration is not empty promises by empty-headed politicians, but an enforcement of laws already in place.     

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