Saturday, May 18, 2013

State of Confusion

In the last couple of weeks, I have refrained from posting any new articles because I was taking the time to read (and make sense out of) the 844 page Immigration Proposal being pushed by the Gang of Eight in Washington.  Although, much of the information in the proposal seems redundant, I felt it was important to read every bit of it.  Suffice it to say, there is much within the massive document that is of concern; however, for now, I shall address something that occurred to me as I was studying the misguided proposal. 
Reading a document of this magnitude requires, at least a basic understanding of the law, politics, and our history.  It also demands the reader’s time.  I found it most difficult to read this document in its entirety because of the lack of time.  On days when I made any inroads, I was distracted with news of new challenges in our country.  I found myself spiraling down quickly because of the information overload.  I understood clearly then why so many of us decide to stay away from politics.
For those who think that Americans are simply disinterested in their country, let me assure you that this is hardly the case.  Although many Americans keep from actively participating in political issues pertaining to our country, plenty others want to be involved.  The problem for many of us is finding the time to keep up with what is happening in the country.
Consider for example the scandals that just broke recently on Benghazi, the shocking revelation of the IRS overreach, and the Justice Department’s encroachment over the privacy of Associated Press journalists.  We now know that these were ongoing issues-some of them reaching back by a few years-but all of them broke ground for the American public simultaneously.  Indeed, in a span of one week, Americans were bombarded with the IRS and the Department of Justice scandals. 
For many of us, these incidents are relevant because it is our business to cover them.  For some others, the incidents are also relevant because these individuals are interested and actively participate in political debate.  Yet, there are Americans who want to know what is happening politically but are unable to keep up with the constant state of chaos present in our country.  By the time they get to one issue, they are already hearing about another, and then another.  It is impossible to make sense out of anything because one is in a continuous state of confusion and even panic.  For an average American who is juggling work, family responsibilities, school, illness, paying bills, and making decisions about life, finding the underlying causes of any single political issue is virtually impossible.  Even if someone manages to make the time to focus on the issues, politicians and the media are close behind making it most difficult to comprehend how these matters affect Americans.
To be sure, Americans who are interested in issues that are prevalent in our country make the time to study them.  Yet, many others often get frustrated and give up.  Still others employ their time in other pursuits that are easier on the mind.  Whatever the stance Americans may take about educating themselves on our political culture, only the politicians, the media, and other interest groups find such confusion beneficial.  It is because of the confusion they stir that many of the politicians are able to maintain a stronghold in Washington.  It is because of the confusion that the media is able to keep their jobs.  It is because of the confusion that interest groups are able to maintain any advantage over the politicians and media.  It is because of the confusion that average Americans continue to be misinformed and unfortunately, remain uninformed.  It is because of the confusion that a select few now rule over the rest of us - quite a sharp contrast from the principles that once founded our great nation.

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