Thursday, May 23, 2013

Attacks on Conservative Women: The Real War on Women

On Tuesday, conservative talk radio host, Dana Loesch, became the target of venomous attacks on Twitter.  The vicious attacks came from liberals all over the world.  These defenders of women’s rights, human rights and children held nothing back as they expressed their love and care towards Loesch.     

Following the horrendous murder of a British soldier in London, Loesch asked CNN host, Piers Morgan, a simple question:  Was the guy with the machete a member of the NRA?”  Anyone with a brain cell can see that Loesch’s question was not targeting the unfortunate victim of the gruesome murder but actually pointing out that criminals will find ways to perform dastardly deeds with or without guns.  That the victim was a soldier and the murder occurred in broad daylight, in the middle of a street in London and near the army barracks makes the incident the more revealing that criminals are unlikely to obey laws.  

Yet, those who have perfected the skills of twisting things around all in the name of political correctness remained oblivious to Loesch’s point.  Morgan himself responded:  “You think the beheading of a soldier is something to be glib about??? “  Soon, his followers unthinkingly followed his lead and chose to barrage Loesch with sexist slurs, death, and rape threats.  Some accused her of being a woman and having the audacity (yes, these are the women’s rights supporters in 2013) to have an opinion.  @jackjharper wrote, “Keep your opinions to yourself woman and get back in the kitchen and make me a f**king sandwich.”   

Attacks on conservative women by the liberals are more common than people realize.  I have been the recipient of such attacks myself.  I have witnessed bitter attacks against Loesch and Michelle Malkin both and I am certain there are many other conservative women who suffer daily.  Make no mistake that it is abuse and it does matter.  Yet, for all the fuss about women’s rights, liberals are unwilling to put an end to it if the attacks are against conservative women.  Morgan has yet to put a halt to the mayhem he created yesterday against Loesch. 

Abuse, of any kind, against any person should be unacceptable.  It matters naught if the individual is a conservative or a progressive.  Ironically, the trumpeters of women’s rights are perhaps themselves the most violent and aggressive.  If there is any doubt, go read Loesch’s timeline on Twitter from yesterday.  Note, that for all her evilness, Loesch steadily maintained her professionalism and principles:  marks of a true conservative.


  1. Hi, I was at Will's and saw your article and decided to comment here. You did a really great job here. One of the biggest reasons I don't do Facebook and twitter is this - the unbridled, wild, anonymous vitriol spewed across the planet by emotional, furious, uneducated animals.
    But the Loesch question still stands and PM still hasn't answered it, has he? As usual.
    I think the reason we make just good mothers is that we are fearless and often out-of-control fighters. In this case - Berserkers.
    When the prez decided to use Sandy Hook as his no gun left behind platform, I told my husband that next to come out of the closet would be knives. Well, I was wrong - cleavers is more like it. Piano wires will probably be next.
    I have to keep remembering "the religion of peace, the religion of peace, the religion of peace .......... "

  2. Hi Bee!

    Thanks for your feedback! No, unfortunately he has not. I don't suspect he will and I am certain Loesch is not holding her breath. Yes, I think we all need to chant the same----under the circumstances. ;oD