Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Americans Unite!

Last night I attended my first local tea party meeting.  My purpose of going to the meeting was quite simple:  I wanted to find people fighting for our nation against all odds.  I wanted to gather any information I could to help stand against those who continue to trample on our rights as Americans.  Indeed, I wanted to arm myself with facts about the political leaders destroying our Constitution under the guise of working for the People.

We met in the backroom of a small pub on Main Street.  The room was lit up with overhead lights and dark green carpeting covered the length of the floor.  Several chairs and tables occupied the small room.  Crisp, white tablecloths covered the tables and menus lay on some of them, awaiting one’s perusal.  The faint aroma of some tantalizing dish permeated the air beyond the confines of the room.  If candles could have replaced electricity in this room, one could almost imagine that they had just entered an old tavern in the back alley of Main Street in Williamsburg, Boston or Philadelphia in 1776.

The meeting included an interesting group of men and women from all areas of life.  They were true patriots, looking for answers to the many questions we all share today.  Once everyone had greeted each other, we settled down and began the meeting with reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a prayer.  Everyone stood and said the Pledge; perhaps none realized how moving the moment became for me.  Indeed, it has been ages since I stood in a group, surrounded by fellow Americans, saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  I almost choked as the familiar words echoed throughout the room.  Along with the others, I stated those words long impressed upon my heart, not mechanically, but with pride and gumption.  We had all arrived at the meeting with our own thoughts but we all believed in the same thing:  The policies under the current administration are moving the country in the wrong direction.     

The issues we addressed were similar to those many Americans are discussing throughout the country today.  That ugly and venomous serpent, Obamacare, was at the head of our list.  As was the despicable Common Core initiative.  Yet, nothing topped the conversation more than the incompetence of the GOP.  We the People realize that these outrageous policies are mere offsets of the main problem.  The root of the problem is the inability of our leaders to stand firm with the truth in the face of all opposition.  So, what is the truth?  For the purpose of American government, the truth lies within the Constitution, a document that has supported this nation since the birth of the Republic.  Unfortunately, it is also the document no longer looked upon as the law of the land by our leaders but a mere hindrance for a better form of government in America.  Of course, with the breakdown of the family and thereby the society and culture, one has to wonder how much better off we truly are under the present form of government.

The Constitution remains our bedrock for good, solid government.  Undeniably, there existed gaps in some areas when the People ratified the Constitution during the early Republic.  Yet, despite these gaps, the Constitution was brilliant in its conception.  Written by statesmen, not career politicians, the Constitution provided Americans with a blueprint to grow the form of government that best represented the People.  Today, this great document is in peril.  To avoid the uprooting of our nation’s foundation, Americans must put aside petty differences and unite to salvage our heritage by holding our leaders accountable or risk losing our liberty forever.        

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  1. Welcome to the Tea Party! I go to the local chapter, which usually meets twice a year, because we are a small rural area. But I've heard Sheriff Mack speak, and some others. The thought behind the creation is very interesting, and has had great results. Let's see what happens for '14 AND '16.