Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The End of the Republic?

From the White House to Hollywood, from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the cities to the towns, from Wall Street to the neighborhoods, from the rich to the poor, from the healthy to the sick, from the brilliant to the imbecile, from the oldest to the youngest, from the educated to the illiterate, from the meritorious to the corrupt-the scourge of Obamacare will inevitably destroy us all.  Progressives, always on the ready to promote their “forward” agenda, have worked diligently to factionalize Americans and kill the Republic.  The GOP thus far kept their success in check; unfortunately, the widening rift within the Republican Party itself has turned matters in favor of the Progressives on more than one occasion.

Last week, the Senate voted on FY2013 or the “continuing resolution” bill.  Included in the bill were the provisions to extend funding for Obamacare.  Here lay a perfect opportunity for the GOP to make a stand for the People.  Yet, only 26 of the total votes were “Nay.”  Indeed, 73 of the total votes were in favor of funding the policy.  Notably, 20 Republicans voted to pass the bill including some of those who had previously claimed to oppose Obamacare.  For example, Senator Daniel Coats (IN) and Senator Mitch McConnell (KY) both voted “Yea” for funding the policy.  Clearly, the voice of the People that shows distaste for the dreadful law is lost on the senators who voted to fund this incredible Leviathan.  These public servants tell their constituents one thing during the election cycle and then vote in a contrary manner once they occupy their office in Washington.

Lest these great leaders try to excuse their voting record (as most of them often do) with claims that they were unaware of public opinion on the matter, a few points deserve a mention here.  According to the latest Rasmussen poll, 50% of Americans consider Obamacare a disastrous policy and only 44% find it advantageous.  Indeed, only 19% of the pollsters found the law “very favorable” and 36% found it “very unfavorable.”   Any politician unfamiliar with polling is clearly in the wrong business.  Furthermore, Americans continue to use online avenues such as social media and blogging daily to bring attention to their contempt towards the destructive law.  Again, most, if not all, politicians have access to social media and the internet, if not; they are indeed in the wrong business.  Therefore, the idea that our leaders are unaware of what the People want or think is incredible and unworthy of discussion.  Yet, many of these leaders repeatedly ignore the concerns of the People.  Their disregard to the voice of the People is contemptible and disgraceful.  Perhaps, there are good reasons to their method of voting but most Americans find their reasons mere excuses.  Whatever their motivations and internal divisions, one thing is clear to the public:  Most politicians are more interested in promoting their own advantages than those of the People. 

We have only just begun to experience the ramifications of Obamacare.  The rise in the cost of healthcare services, the retreat of doctors from the profession, and the suffocation of the free market are only a few of the noticeable changes now occurring across the nation with the worse still to come.  Ironically, the greatest supporter of Obamacare, Obama himself, is exempt from participating in his own policy.  Although Obama finds the law dreadful enough to avoid it cleverly, he is unwilling to give the People the same privilege.  It seems America has fast become a nation ruled under Obama instead of a national Republic.  If the advent of Obamacare and the spineless submission of the Congress to the horrid demands of this administration over the obvious complaints of the People does not equate to the slow destruction of the Republic, what then does?



  1. I shudder at the advent of this monstrosity! It was bad enough that my oncologist told me that if something wasn't AMA approved, she would not be able to help me. That was two years ago and I have refused to go back. I have stopped all my post-cancer meds and don't plan to change my mind. We are living in a social kill zone. OC will only make this worse.
    A healthcare system designed by people who hate America and Americans.

    1. And endorsed by Americans who are either ignorant of the facts or could care less about them.
      Thanks as always for reading Bee---your input was dearly missed. :o)