Monday, March 4, 2013

God Be With Me

Darkness surrounds me,
Clustering high above the city,
I remember the nation once supreme,
I remember the land once free.
The majesty of the mountain, seas, and prairies,
The land I once called home,
Now it lays restless,
Full of nothing but drones.
God please don’t leave America,
The nation that gladly cast you out,
Give us guidance and make us strong,
So we can change what we have done wrong.
*Inspired by Irving Berlin's "God Bless America."


  1. I sometimes wonder if those of us who came out of passion feel we are losing more than those born here. How can these natives not see what they have brought down on our heads?
    I sometimes wonder if God cares, at all, what happens to us, and then this current disaster is understandable, and VERY SCARY. At times I really, really hate free-will. :)
    Thanks for the work.

  2. You would expect them to care more about the fundamental principles, no? VERY Frustrating.

    Thanks for reading Bee!