Friday, March 15, 2013

Feinstein's Gun Grab

It would seem that Senator Ted Cruz rattled great dame Diane Feinstein enormously on Thursday during the hearing on Gun Control.  Cruz questioned Feinstein fiercely on her gun control agenda.  Essentially, he asked if Feinstein believed that the legislation she supported compromised the fundamental principles of the Constitution.  Feinstein refused to let the young upstart outfox her and retorted, “I am not a sixth grader.”  She was quick to point out that she had “been on the committee for 20 years” and “was a mayor for 9 years” which apparently makes her the authority in all things related to the Constitution.  Contrary to her belief, the temper tantrum she displayed during the hearing rings true more of a child instead of a leader.

Indeed, never to miss an opportunity to promote her ideology, especially at a public hearing, Feinstein also pointed out that she was a witness to many gruesome murders caused by “bullets that implode” including those used in the Sandy Hook shooting.  At the same time, she conveniently skipped mentioning the many lives saved by responsible gun ownership.  Feinstein claimed her 20 years in the business had brought her “up close and personal with the Constitution” and that she had “great respect for it.”  Yet, paving the way by introducing legislation that may further encroach upon the Constitutional rights of law abiding Americans is perfectly acceptable to this great lover of the law.    

Watching Feinstein take on Cruz was the equivalent of watching an old buzzard waiting to feast on the flesh of a hungry and thirsty lone traveler lost in the desert.  Perhaps Lord Acton was correct in his observation when he said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Feinstein’s outrageous display at the gun debate to put Cruz in check only confirms that politicians in Washington are more interested in their own agendas than promoting the interests of the PEOPLE.  Unfortunately, for Feinstein, Cruz has the highest esteem for the law, not the devalued and distilled version Feinstein “respects” but the actual Constitution.  Most Americans are sensitive to the loss of innocent lives.  Yet, for Feinstein to use tragedies to promote her own political agenda is shameless and downright dangerous.  By targeting the fundamental rights provided to Americans under the law, Feinstein not only shows a lack of respect for it but a clear ignorance of the Constitutional principles that are the bedrock of our nation.


  1. She used that age-old tactic to distract by trotting out some irrelevant piece of drivel. We all know she's been on committees for eons, but also know that that doesn't make her a whiz at the Constitution. Like most on the Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope Ted Cruz goes after her again!

    1. It is a great tactic and none excel at it better than the Liberals aka career politicians.