Friday, March 1, 2013

Constitution the Perfect Benchmark

After weeks of debate over the Chuck Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense, the Senate finally decided yesterday to approve Hagel’s nomination.  Many from the Republican Party voted against Hagel’s nomination but more voted in his favor.  Upon hearing the disheartening news, I took to Twitter to blast the GOP. 

Some of my followers agreed with my remarks, yet others were ready with the verbal attacks.  Those who were upset about my rants, slammed me for “helping” the liberals by creating a division within the Republican Party.  They accused me of “beating up the republicans” instead of attacking liberals who are destroying our Constitutional rights. 

Typically, I would ignore the accusations but a few points need addressing.  I am an ardent supporter of the United States Constitution.  As such, my money is always on the Founding Fathers.  When it comes to political parties, I belong to none and support only those candidates who carry the same regard and respect for the Constitution that I do.  If I notice someone blatantly disregarding laws set in motion by the Founders, I voice my opinion irrespective of the individuals’ party affiliation.  To those who find my views “caustic,” allow me to point out that I apply the same standard to Democrats and Republicans, liberals and the so-called conservatives. 

Those who continue to support individuals who gladly sign over our liberties to tyrants simply because they belong to the same party are enablers and dishonor the Constitution.  James Madison warned us of having such blind faith in public officials in Federalist 51:  “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”  Therefore, if we are to keep in line with the Constitution, We the People must hold our representatives accountable.  The rule applies to not liberals or Democrats only, but to all public servants. 

From the 2012 election onwards, the GOP has shown an unfathomable weakness.  Their performance in the election, voting record over the fiscal cliff, Benghazi hearing, and the Hagel nomination all show a party rapidly losing its values.  Whatever happened to the conservative values that once made the GOP a worthy opponent to the Democrats?  With the impending sequestration, Americans are already feeling that the drama will simply continue only to end in favor of Obama’s demands.  If the GOP wants people to remain loyal, they need to prove to the people that they are worthy of such loyalty.  By continuously giving in to Obama’s demands, the republicans have themselves done a disservice to their party and to the people.  Obama won a victory on “hope.”  As much as a lie that might be, his message worked-twice.  Conservatives are looking for a ray of hope as well but so far, it remains unforthcoming from the GOP.  Until it does, as “freaking crazy” as some may find it, my rants shall continue. 


  1. The nominations have only recently been a real issue. They used to pretty much just approve whoever the President selected. Even this time the Republicans were more talk than action, with most approving anyway.

    1. True but Hagel's nomination should raise red flags---not only because of his past comments but also for his ill performance at the hearing. One thing is certain, O's nomination of Hagel is completely political. Thank you for reading & your feedback.


  2. This, along with the previous/next post are intertwined. I think there is more to this event. Hagel is GOP, but anti-Israel. That's why the troll picked him. For the next four years, Republican's will have to choose their battles very wisely. Since there was no other person in the wings, I think it was better to vote to confirm. Paul is not going to feel this one politically. But, what I see looming in the future, is something vital: As a consequence of Sequester, the military is going to be ravaged. Thus our involvement with Israel/Iran and friends, and Egypt/Ethiopia debacle over the dam and Muslim Brotherhood unrest, will require some fast footwork on our part to make him look competent and empathetic. Then there is Russia ...
    I feel that beginning with the troll's "Please watch my self-effacing act" Tour in 2009, he has always wanted to cut Military spending. It just happened; but it was done in such a way that he couldn't control and look good on his world stage. No matter. He got his wish. Now, Hagel is here. Whatever happens in the Middle East and Africa will be the fault of Kerry and Hagel. The troll is home free, with a ravaged Military, two buffoons in sensitive Cabinet positions, while he plays golf and campaigns.

    1. Hey Bee,

      Well you went into greater detail than I did in my response to Nathan above but I sense the same things. O has yet to accept any responsibility for any of his actions---Hagel is simply a scapegoat.

      Thanks as always for reading! :o)