Tuesday, February 12, 2013

President Abraham Lincoln: A Worthy Leader

Progressives have made it their business to herald Obama as the new Abraham Lincoln.  They boast that as with President Lincoln, Obama too leads a decidedly split nation.  Indeed, they are correct that Americans remain divided over important issues but whether that equates Obama to President Lincoln is stretching history a bit too far.

Of all the problems President Lincoln struggled with during his presidency, slavery was the most important issue of the day.  Slavery divided the nation between the Abolitionists and the radical Southerners.  One group demanded the complete end to the horrible institution that marred American history and the other group wanted slavery to remain intact.  Squeezed in the middle of both warring groups, President Lincoln maintained an unwavering position to crush slavery.  Lest anyone confuse this to mean that his main purpose in the fight that led to the Civil War was to emancipate slaves, one must remember that President Lincoln’s primary concern was always the Union between the States.  Here marks one of the greatest differences between President Lincoln and Obama.  Despite his unpopularity, President Lincoln always worked to keep the nation together.  In contrast, Obama works diligently to further split the nation, forever promoting his own radical agendas over the cries of half of the nation’s population.

Yet, it is not President Lincoln’s political genius but his humanity towards his fellow Americans that makes him an exceptional leader.  For example, during the Civil War, President Lincoln often stayed up late at night reading dispatches from the War Department to keep up with the latest news.  In contrast, Obama slept through the night of September 11, 2012 as enemies slaughtered American heroes in Benghazi.  Moreover, contrary to the claims of the Obama Administration, Americans still wait for answers to what happened in Benghazi on that fateful night. 

Politicians, celebrities, and the Media have all made outrageous comparisons between Obama and President Lincoln in hope(s) of raising Obama’s reputation as a great national leader.  It is obvious that the propaganda has led some Americans to believe these tall tales over time.  Yet, no amount of glossing over can cover up the stark contrast between President Lincoln and Obama’s personalities respectively.  Obama might be able to present himself as a flamboyant politician because of the overwhelming support from his followers but he is hardly a worthy candidate for comparison to President Lincoln, a plain man with a great soul. 





  1. You are spot on with your comment about the Union/Nation being President Lincoln's main concern, and the lack of same concern in Obama.
    More than anything else, I have seen an avoidance of specific instructions and printable statements, other than campaign rhetoric, on the part of this President. I get the feeling that he does not wish to be quoted later in time should something occur to make him look either foolish or incompetent.
    I remember nothing specific coming from the WH during Fast and Furious, and believe that everything was done between DOJ and himself behind closed doors. He said nothing.
    I remember nothing coming from the WH that specifically said where the President was during the Benghazi attack. WHERE? This is the man we pay to be our leader 24/7 until his term is up. In reality, we were attacked on American soil - any American Embassy is United States soil.
    Please note that he sent Ms Rice to perjure herself several times after the attack, publicly spouting nonsense about the video.
    He sent Nancy Pelosi to talk with Chris Matthews on sequestration. He also sent her to push through Obamacare.
    And he sent Joe Biden and Debbie Wasserman Schultz during the campaign and when they said stupid things, he did not admit these people, and others spoke on his behalf.
    After her failure to commit to anything regarding Benghazi, Hillary Clinton spent one hour sitting with the President, trying to reassure this Nation that they are buddies and nothing new was learned about the latest disaster, 9/11/12.
    My perception is that the President has a particular agenda, and cannot afford any traceable damaging criticism when he finally reaches his goal. It has to look as though his work had been a smooth transition from Capitalism to Socialism, and that he was the choreographer of this event. Thus, he cannot afford to leave behind anything that would link him to unsavory actions on his part to establish the new government.
    However, as we are in an electronic/technological super time, Obama has only one choice, which is to avoid saying anything and everything that might go south later.
    A far cry from President Lincoln, whose total focus was on saving the new Nation, instead of trying to destroy it and who had to use "snail mail." :)
    And here we are, on the day of his birth, and are glad that he was who he was. Happy Birthday, Mr. President!
    Thank you for a good post. Biene

    1. Biene,

      Your analysis is profound. Many Americans share your sentiments. I do feel Obama is vague for a reason. My issues are not solely with Obama but all those who continue to hide and support his dangerous agenda for America.

      As always, thank you for reading & your valuable input-you do me a great honor.