Friday, February 22, 2013

Leader vs. Bully

On December 30, 1794, President George Washington submitted a report to Congress requesting immediate consideration for the re-occurring problems on the frontier.  He respectfully asked the Congress to make a decision without encroaching upon the Legislative body:  “I feel a confidence that Congress will devise such constitutional and efficient measures as shall be equal to the great objects of preserving our treaties with the Indian tribes, and of affording an adequate protection to our frontiers.”  A clear and distinct separation of powers existed in 1794 where both the President and Congress knew their respective roles and worked according to the powers bestowed upon each branch.  Even Washington, the most beloved and respected leader in American history, knew that abuse of power was a terrible thing, sure to lead to chaos and destruction.

In contrast, no such fine lines exist between the three branches of the government today.  Indeed, the Executive has no qualms about dictating terms to the Congress.  Consider Barack Obama’s stance on climate control:  "If Congress won't act soon to protect future generations, I will.  I will direct my cabinet to come up with executive actions we can take -- now and in the future."  Clearly, Obama has no problems with blurring the lines formed between the three branches of the government since the formation of the nation.  His “I will direct” attitude has reared its ugly head on many other occasions be it the fiscal cliff last January or the latest “threat” of his own creation: the impending sequestration. 

Yet, the disruption of checks and balances on the government is only partially Obama’s fault.  Obama’s abuse of power is a direct result of the Congress’s (and Judiciary’s) continuous pandering and surrendering of their respective powers to his outrageous demands.  For example, the “fiscal cliff” deal heightened by the ongoing “battle” between Obama and the GOP-more specifically House Speaker, John Boehner was an abject failure.  In the end, Boehner and many others, including one time vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, agreed to Obama’s outrageous terms to make a deal for Americans.  Similarly, on the issue of amnesty for the illegal immigrants, Senator John McCain recently joked about how “bananas” would work better than putting up a fence south of the border.  Despite their claims to work for Americans, these politicians are only interested in working for themselves.  How else can they explain their collapse as jellyfishes in the face of adversity?  With such “opposing” leaders in Congress, can anyone blame Americans for mistrusting all politicians?  Precisely what is the magical hold that Obama has over the “opposition” that causes these “leaders” to easily hand over their constitutional power? 

Bullying tactics.  Yes, that is right.  Obama has mastered the role of the ultimate bully.  To be sure, he insists on a bi-partisan format to work on issues Americans face today but in reality, he is only interested in furthering his own political agenda at the expense of destroying the nation.  If you have any confusion about Obama’s position, please re-read the above statements.  Yet, a bully is only a bully until the “victim” allows him to be a bully.  The same principle applies in this case with the opposition leaders.  Of course, whether they are truly “victims” or just pretend to be so for the sake of confusing Americans is another matter.       

Therefore, with Obama in control and virtually no opposition from Congress, what can Americans expect in the future?  Already the so-called middle-class, the one Obama so favors, suffers from lack of jobs; high gas prices and high food cost; poor healthcare options with the advent of Obamacare; competition from illegal immigrants who demand the same benefits available to citizens; and an attack on our liberties that were provided by the United States Constitution.  Despite their rhetoric and propaganda, most politicians can barely relate to the “middle class.”  Indeed, how many “middle class” families are taking two separate million dollars, all expense paid vacations in a span of 30 days?  How many “middle class” Americans are able to charge $200,000 to give a speech?  How many of the New England fishermen are happy at the thought of losing their jobs at the age of 69 and starting fresh again?  How many people in Detroit are proud that their city ranks as the most unsafe place to live in America?  How many young men and women are thrilled at the prospect of the growing joblessness in the country?  Yes, the politicians are quick to make promises but equally quick to forget them.  Indeed, politicians work shamelessly against the liberties of the same Americans they vow to support.          

Unfortunately, for the politicians, Americans are resilient and smart people.  We will gladly place our trust in those who support our fundamental rights but we will also rise against those who disrupt the same principles.  We have a rich history that shows us the difference between a great leader and an insufferable fool.  As such, it becomes the duty of every American to observe our leaders carefully and hold them accountable for their actions.  For if we continue down the path set by our current leadership, the only legacy we will leave behind for our children is the one that forgets Washington-a true leader and remembers Obama -the incorrigible bully.      


  1. The reason the troll can bully his way to whatever he wants, is because he can. I have yet to see John Boehner stand up and say something so serious and politically INCORRECT that not only the media would sit up and take notice, but that the troll would finally be at a loss for words, his stock in trade.
    But, Little Johnny is still playing in the sandbox, building castles and digging out the previous night's cat leavings. Maybe one day .... but can we wait that long?

  2. Bee that was hilarious!! Thanks for reading and your heartfelt (and accurate) assessment. :oD