Thursday, January 17, 2013

Propaganda and the Face of New America

“Propaganda, Propaganda, Propaganda.  All that Matters is Propaganda”-Adolf Hitler

Surrounded by four children, presumably representing all youth in America, Obama recently gave a riveting speech on gun control.  His announcement came in response to the Newtown shooting or at least so he claims.  According to Obama, the youngsters on stage wanted speedy resolutions and had written heartfelt letters to him suggesting their fears and concerns about gun violence.  Interestingly, Obama ignored to mention what opinion any of them held about the United States Constitution or the Second Amendment to be more precise.  Lest we miss the bigger picture, the article is not about the four youngsters or their misguided parents who should have never subjected their children to such outright propaganda.  Instead, the focus of this article is upon the shameless use of children, again, by Obama to promote his gun control agenda.    

Indeed, there exists a gun control agenda and unless Congress steps in, it will continue to rear its ugly head at every opportunity.  It is clear that Obama’s latest gimmick intends to set a precedent that will undoubtedly bring down the Second Amendment and ultimately our Constitution if left unchecked.  His shameless anti-American ideology knows no bounds.  Consider for example that following the tragic deaths of the innocent children in the Newtown shooting, Obama unashamedly lashed out against law-abiding Americans.  He has now followed it up by using these four children, to move “forward” yet again in “hope” of bringing “change” to the way our society functions.  How else can he explain the basis of his 23 executive orders on gun controls? 

Most of the suggested reforms from his 23 executive orders were illogical enough to confuse Albert Einstein and offer no real resolutions to avoid another tragedy like the one experienced by the Newtown community.  For example, what did Obama mean by offering more “resource officers” to schools?  Did he mean more teachers or more guidance counselors?  Precisely how would these “resource officers” help schoolchildren in the event another unfortunate episode occurs?  Nay, he was unspecific about these resource officers just as he is unspecific about any of his other plans.  He then emphasized the number of people who died “at the end of a gun” but his statistics missed including those lives protected by guns. 

Next, Obama claimed someone with mental illness is “more likely to be the victim” in such tragedies but conveniently forgot to mention that the man guilty of the Newtown shooting was mentally disturbed.  Obama then demanded that Congress fund research to study how violent video games affect young minds.  Interestingly, he skipped adding violent Hollywood flicks or TV shows to his “research” list.  Why should he?  After all, doing so would mean lining up most of his supporters. 

Of course, the most preposterous of all his reforms was the one that calls for universal background checks.  Yes, one can see all the criminals arriving in droves to fill up paperwork for background checks post haste.  It is obvious to those of us paying attention that Obama’s ridiculous call for action on gun control targets law-abiding Americans more and criminals less.  In his speech, Obama claimed outrageously that, “we don’t benefit from ignorance.”  Yet, if we continue to allow him to encroach upon our liberties, are we not ignorant?  Is he not then benefitting from our ignorance? 

Consider another tyrant who did the same thing in the early twentieth century.  Yes, this man too devised a grand scheme which included brainwashing the youth.  He controlled the nation by controlling the youth.  He effectively presented only one side of the argument-his side-and promised to reform the nation’s problems.  Most of us know the history of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the outcome it produced.  Suffice it to say, that Hitler’s tyranny left many men, women, and children dead, dying, or destitute.  Our children are not wearing brown shirts with swastika and black shorts like the German children.  No one is forcing them to become storm troopers at the age of eighteen.  Nay, no one is brainwashing them with anti-American ideology either, or are they?    

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