Sunday, January 20, 2013

“Enough” Say We the People

During an online search for re-financing my car loan, I visited several websites to determine which bank would offer me the best possible option.  Few of the banks offered the choice to complete an online application for re-financing and I selected the one that was best for my situation.  The online application required answers to a number of questions to complete the process.  Listed below are the top ten mandatory questions all applicants need to answer to get a loan from the bank:

1.  Loan type

2.  Current monthly payment

3.  Payoff amount 

4.  Current loan remaining term

5.  New loan requested term

6.  Gross income

7.  Other income

8.  Name of employer

9.  Time at current employer

10.  Employment status

As I answered the questions, it made me think more about the state of our nation’s current financial crisis than re-financing my car.  For example, if I must answer, at the minimum, the above ten questions to get a loan processed by the bank for a car re-finance, should not We the People ask our government the same questions about the money they keep demanding from us to pay off the national debt?  Some will argue that we have asked the questions.  Perhaps we have but we have yet to receive straight answers to our questions.  The banks get to judge our creditworthiness before giving out loans, should not We the People also judge the government’s creditworthiness to see if it is worthy of receiving our hard-earned money?  In the same spirit as the banks, perhaps Obama can answer a few questions that require straight answers.  I shall be somewhat more generous than the banks here and ask him to answer only five mandatory questions for all Americans instead of the required ten by the banks:

1.  How much money exactly does he want to spend?

2.  How long exactly does he want to spend the said amount?

3.  What will the money be spent on?

4.  How long exactly will it take to pay off our national debt?

5.  Where exactly will the government cut spending to eliminate or at least reduce the national debt drastically?

Again, these are legitimate questions and deserve honest answers.  If Americans must cinch in their purse strings and make cuts, so should the government.  If Americans have to hold off on getting boots for Junior, glasses for Grandma, and braces for Sunshine, then so too should the government hold off on pay raises, million dollar vacations, and thousand dollar plates of food at black-tie gala events.  If the banks demand answers before handing out loans, so too should the government created by We the People, for We the People answer to We the People about how it plans to spend our money. 

We the People are sick of the political ploys exercised by the pathetic lot running Washington.  We the People ask, nay, We the People demand answers to these questions and expect straight answers.  We the People say “enough” with vague assurances and political battles over makeshift problems.  We the People say "enough" with the drama over meaningless and mundane topics.  We the People say "enough" with lies and cover-ups.  We the People say "enough" with pussyfooting around real issues.  We the People say "enough" with destroying our Republic. 

In the 2012 election, Obama’s campaign placed a great deal of blame on Mitt Romney for not providing a clear plan to help America.  Even when Romney specifically stated his plan, Obama complained that Romney’s plan was vague at best.  So, I ask Obama now, what Sir, is your plan to help the country?  So far, Obama’s plan remains more unclear than Romney’s plan to eradicate the national debt.  Perhaps, Obama could begin with answering the five simple questions listed above and maybe, just maybe, we might be able to move “forward” – unless of course solving the national debt problem was never the plan to begin with.








  1. This is Coronation Day and the wearer of the crown has removed the core from the nation, piece by piece.
    We have a right to answers you posed, but as in the past, will get none. That way he can't be faulted if anything goes awry. The rest of whatever comes out of his mouth is just plain old double-talk.
    Right now, the Congress isn't much better, at least they keep trying, if ineffectively. I think they already know what the answers are going to be and therefore just throw stuff out there, to be seen as doing something.
    Great post. Thanks.

  2. That is just it---we won't get any answers because he won't give them---but also because we do not have anyone brave enough to demand that he be held responsible. Thank you for reading the post and your feedback!