Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mother Teresa and the Destruction of Christianity

I am not Catholic but I am an Indian. Having lived in India for more than a decade of my life, I know a thing or two about the poor who continuously struggle with abject poverty and hopelessness every day. Thus, an attack against the character and reputation of Mother Teresa is incomprehensible to me. Yet, the ongoing onslaught against Christianity is hardly surprising at all.

The Atheists Humanists Agnostics (AHA) of Dartmouth College plan to consider Mother Teresa’s character by looking through the lenses of Christopher Hitchens’s Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice. According to Hitchens’s Mother Teresa was anything but “good.”[1] Her love and commitment to the poor was simply a fa├žade. The title of the book itself is a strong indicator of Hitchens’s (err) position. Hitchens uses cheap, vulgar, and double meaning to make his case and it is obvious that his interest is merely in selling his book and bagging the funds. Unfortunately, Dartmouth College students blinded by anti-Christian rhetoric are more than happy to support his pathetic cause. It would be interesting to see how many of them have actually done anything to help the poor in their own communities let alone abroad.

It is easy to cast the stone on a woman, now gone forever, who gave up everything to help those who were in deep need. Perhaps these wonderful atheists should consider taking a trip to India and spend one day doing what Mother Teresa did gladly for most of her life. Life in India is hardly as glamorous as Bollywood would have one believe. For the "enlightened" ones who follow Hitchens and listen to the Deepak Chopras of the world, no, the beaches of Goa do not equate to the slums of Calcutta. The heat in itself is enough to make one insane and that is nothing to say of disease, oppression, congestion, filth, or death.

Of course, the idea would hardly occur to these thinkers since the plight of the poor in India is hardly the objective of their gimmick. Indeed, in this case, their idea is to extend a “healthy debate” sitting atop the cushioned seats of Dartmouth College where they rip Christianity to shreds.  After all, how dare Mother Teresa think she could give up everything, travel halfway around the world, live (and die) in the midst of strangers?  How dare she show compassion and love to the poor, an unfortunate group shunned shamelessly by their own society? Such a notion is apparently inconceivable to these godless students. It is unimportant if the poor in India themselves loved Mother Teresa or were grateful for her service.  What is important is that people should have the freedom to debate, defame and destroy Christianity at any cost.  Yes, we should all listen to these great, godless thinkers of Dartmouth College and follow suit without fail. Right.

[1] “Dartmouth atheists to skewer ‘lying, thieving Albanian dwarf’ Mother Teresa,” The Daily Caller.com, last modified November 19, 2012, http://dailycaller.com/2012/11/19/dartmouth-atheists-to-skewer-lying-thieving-albanian-dwarf-mother-teresa/.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Presidential Election of 2012

“At its core, the Republican Party suffers from whipped-dog syndrome.” – Andrew Breitbart


On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Americans sent a clear message across the world with the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama:  The liberals are here to stay.  The devastating loss for the Republican Party raised many questions as all grappled to find answers after hearing the shocking news.  Obama’s re-election in itself is disturbing enough but the fallout between the supporters and members of the GOP boggles the mind.      

The tally of the last votes had barley arrived before the finger pointing began in the GOP camp.  Perhaps if Mitt Romney had targeted young women better, he would have won the election, argued some.  Others felt that Romney made a poor calculation by remaining passive about the Benghazi affair.  Still more squabbled about Romney’s neglect of the Hispanic voters.  Many ridiculed various political gurus for their overtly positive predictions of a Romney win.  They pondered for days on what change would have been most effective.  Through it all, the liberals gloated, scoffed, and watched the Republicans fall apart at the seams.

Indeed, the GOP needed a change in strategy before the election but now it needs a major overhaul.  For one, they are far from the paragons of virtue.  Consider for instance, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who unashamedly went out of his way to band together with Obama in the wake of hurricane Sandy.  Yet, the state of New Jersey still suffers from the after effects of the storm.  So, what happened to all the money and help Obama supposedly gave to Christie to restore New Jersey?  People in New Jersey continue to suffer and remain without food, housing, and power but at least Obama is back in the White House and Christie still has the Governor’s Mansion, a nice political maneuver for both indeed. 

In another incident, House Speaker John Boehner called Obamacare “the law of the land.”  Excuse me Mr. Speaker but as far as I recall, the United States Constitution IS the law of the land.  What messages are these leaders sending to Americans?  Do they even care?

Evidently, politicians think that Americans are imbeciles and incapable of seeing the truth.  In this, we the people are partly responsible because we have allowed them, Republicans or Democrats, an enormous advantage over us by entrusting them with safeguarding our rights.  Sadly, the only interests many politicians hold dear are the ones that serve their own purposes.  Once they taste power, it becomes virtually impossible to deter them from sharing it with anyone else-least of all with those who put them in office.  Many such politicians go to great lengths to hold onto this power, even at the expense of hurting the fundamental values that once made our nation great.

If the GOP ever wants to resume a place in the White House, it would do well to remember to make the people their priority.  Indeed, treating people respectfully and listening to their issues would go a lot further than lowering their standards and compromising on principles that conservative Americans hold dear.  In the end, giving in to the outrageous demands of liberals may win the GOP the White House temporarily but the problems within our nation will only compound without a true cleansing of the internal system.  Perhaps it is time to consider Breitbart’s suggestion to clean out the “core” and end the “whipped-dog syndrome.”



Andrew Breitbart, Righteous Indignation:  Excuse Me While I Save the World (New York:  Grand Central Publishing, 2011), 303-304.