Friday, October 26, 2012

Women's Sexuality & the Great Obama Campaign

           The Obama campaign reached a new low today with their latest advertisement meant to persuade young people to vote for the Obama ticket.  In this advertisement, Lena Denham discusses her “first time” and encourages other (presumably) women to vote for Obama because he is a “great guy” who is also “beautiful,” and “someone who really cares about and understands women.”  Complete with sexual innuendos, the advertisement is lewd and offensive to the extreme.  For someone who supposedly “cares about women,” it is sickening to see that President Obama will use any means possible just to win a few votes. 
            Some people may think the advertisement is perfectly acceptable, but precisely what kind of message is the President sending to young voters through such disdainful advertising?  In keeping with his image of the “suave” and “hip” President, he unashamedly allows the use of suggestive language to promote his campaign objective.  This “great guy” neglects to discuss the heavy debt that college students carry and the lack of jobs available to those who have graduated, but uses students freely to promote his agenda. 
            The distasteful advertisement used by the Obama campaign should be offensive to all American women.  Instead, many women find it liberating and support Obama anyway.  It is rather shameful that the women who defend Obama’s campaign are the very same women who would scream sexism if Mr. Romney used the same methods for his campaign.  Obviously, the Obama campaign feels that applying a double standard is completely acceptable whether in regards to gender, race, or class issues as long as it comes from within their folds.  Unfortunately, whether or not American women choose to see the advertisement for what it is, a shameful tactic to promote Obama’s election ticket, rather than to benefit women’s rights, is quite another matter.     

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