Monday, October 22, 2012

"Ain't I a Woman?"


            Last week the social media site Twitter was ablaze with calculating comments made by Hollywood starlet Eva Longoria. Longoria, who has long supported the Obama campaign, busily tweeted and re-tweeted against presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Caught in her own web of deception, Longoria later claimed that she simply used “Twitter as a platform for all Americans and their opinions."[1] Longoria’s refusal to see that many Americans, especially American women, deplore the idea of shallow celebrity women taking a stand for us all, only indicates the ever-growing gap between tinsel town and the real world.

            Women throughout the country find this umbrella term – all - used by celebrities such as Longoria, amongst others, most offensive. Sorry to shatter the imaginary world Longoria seems to exist in, but some of us are perfectly happy in cooking dinner for our families, attending church, volunteering to help in our communities, and serving our country through the armed forces. We work hard each day to raise our children with impeccable morals and values even in the face of adversity, which is continuously spewed forth from liberated women who shamelessly pander to rules, set by Hollywood. Nevertheless, every other day there is a new campaign advertisement from the Obama administration encouraging us to use our “lady parts” to vote or “warning” us of the perils of voting for Mr. Romney (lest we lose our medical benefits of getting early cancer screenings). How Longoria thinks she is helping all American women by deliberately misstating facts is beyond comprehension for this humble American woman.

            Fortunately, for those of us unwilling to participate in the all category, talented and admirable women are stating the facts each day. Author, Laura Ingraham states in her book, Shut Up & Sing, that “America is not great because of its dot-com millionaires, or its Hollywood starlets, or its brightest intellectuals. America is great because of the millions of so called “average” Americans who get up every day and do the best they can to build a better world for themselves and their children.”[2] This remarkable point would serve liberal women well if they only took notice. Celebrity women such as Longoria often make an incorrect assumption that they understand the average American woman. The problem with such a mentality is that we can see through the fakery.

            Author and blogger Michelle Malkin, who recently challenged Longoria on the validity of her “facts” about Romney stated that: “The real issue with “dialogue”-seeking Longoria, who refused to answer any of my questions on Twitter, is that she is a phony spokeswoman for American women outside the Hollywood-D.C.-Manhattan bubble.”[3] Amazingly, Longoria avoided discussing her version of the “facts” with Malkin most of the day, rescued only when fellow liberal starlets clustered together and energetically patted Longoria’s back for standing up for all women. Right. To be sure, the apologies came later when Longoria cunningly blamed her “malfunctioning” Twitter account for the deplorable re-tweets against Mr. Romney. Is it not just like the liberal-minded folks to find someone or something to blame for their mistakes? It would be quite refreshing to see them take responsibility for their own actions for once. Alas, we can only hope.

            Longoria’s fight against Mr. Romney’s campaign by deliberately turning facts to suit her own purposes (or more specifically, the purposes of the Obama campaign) is a strong indication of how liberals have used people (women in this case) as their own personal puppet. This election has become one of the most divisive of any other elections in recent history. To think that this election is simply about party affiliation, racial prejudice, and class war is an understatement. To be sure, there is plenty of that nonsense going around, but what is obvious now more than ever is that this election has brought a war between American women. For the conservative women, it is a time to awaken and roar. Indeed, many of us abhor the idea of liberals speaking on our behalf. It is unacceptable to most of us when starlets put words in our mouths. Frankly, we are tired of the constant pushing, stomping, and shoving of our values.  This land is ours also and as such, we have rights as well. The time has come to stand up and break the shackles set upon us by bullies whether they hide behind the liberal label, or the Hollywood sign.  I, for one, shun the life that would make me the scapegoat for women such as Longoria who continue to denigrate the principles, which I hold dear to me. It is unimportant to me if people ridicule me for asserting myself here because in our great nation, my opinion counts as well, after all “Ain’t I a Woman” too?

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